- more than just a game -

- Walkthrough guide -

This Guide Does NOT Represent The Entire Content Of The Game

Guide is updated for alpha 0.6

(skippable char's/loc's are not considered!)
(hidden quests are not considered)
(door events are not considered)
(collectable's are not considered)
(camera locations are not considered)

(the quest log in game is deactivated since alpha 0.5,
due to the new quest tracking system on the travel map)

(Day 0)

(alpha 0.1)

Intro cinematic (trainride)
- Go home
- Enter Living room (door on the left)
(entry sequence between Dayna and MC)
- Talk to Dayna about the journey
- Leave living room
- Go to your room
- Use the light switch next to the door
- Interact with your bed
- Go back to the living room
- See that Dayna is not longer there
- Go back to the second floor
- Interact with bathroom door
- Talk to Dayna about your bed
- Interact with the bathroom door again
- Try to peek inside
- continue
- Interact with the cabinet in front on second floor
- Collect bed sheet
- Go to your room
- Drag and drop the bed sheet on to your bed
- Interact with the window in your room
- Visit shed
- Interact with the shelf at the back left
- Collect the box on the table
- Go back home
(Rebecca will be introduced)
- Talk to Dayna about:
Shed, Rebecca & Box
- Enter the kitchen
- Drag and drop the empty box
- Go to your room
- Interact with the bed and sleep

(Day 0 ends)
(Day 1 starts)

(alpha 0.2/0.3)
(if you haven't already while day 0 in MC room:)
- Interact with picture frame
- Interact with boxes
- Interact with the computer screens
- Go to the living room
- Talk to Dayna about Sebastian
- Visit shopping center
- Enter Toolpoint
- Talk to Sebastian
- Interact with the shelves
"tools & accessories" (shelf on the left)
"camera equipment" (shelf on the right)
- Talk to Sebastian about:
"Camera products"
- Try to buy a camera
- Visit OLP Bank
- Talk to Emma
- Drag & drop your credit card on Emma
- Visit Toolpoint
- Talk to Sebastian
- Buy Camera
- Buy Nails (& drill attachment)
- Go to your room
- Test the Spycam (UI button)
- Interact with Computer/Desk
(even if you already started the quest)
- Collect the picture frame
- (connect drill attachment to drillmachine inside inventory)
- (use drillmachine on marked area)

- Use nails on marked area
- Use hammer on marked area
- Drag and drop picture frame on marked area from inventory
- (peek through hole)
- (go into bathroom)
- (collect dustpan set from the shelf)
- (go to Dayna's bedroom)
- (drag and drop the dustpan set on dirt)

- Go to kitchen
- Talk to Dayna
- Talk about shed renovation

(alpha 0.4)

- visit Dayna in shed
(bonus scene based on past public voting)
- Talk to Dayna (sitting on table)
"about shed"

- Go to your room

- Inspect boxes
(You'll have a 33% chance to find the tool instant,
if not, click/search again until you find it)

- Go back to shed

(USE [2] - Available if peeked bathroom)

- [1] Give/Use allen key on Dayna
(Dayna will set up the table)
- [2] Use allen key on folding table
(You'll set up the table (incl additional scene))

- Talk to Dayna (standing on folding table)
[1] (if you not already visited Larissa)
- Dayna will send you to Larissa to pick
her up, for the meeting later on
(this continues the SQL "Larissa's visit")
[2] (if you not talked already to Dayna about Larissa)
- You'll tell Dayna, what you experienced with Larissa & Damian
(this also continues the SQL "Larissa's visit")
(if not [1] or [2] -- (both steps already done before))
- Dayna will tell you, that Larissa arrives soon

- Meet Dayna in the living room
-- followed by storycontent --
- Go to living room
- Dayna will ask you, to open the door, as soon as Larissa arrives
- Go to entry area
- wait until Larissa arrives

(Now it is randon 'how fast' Larissa arrives)
(If you are unlucky it maybe takes about one minute)
(currently Larissa will only arrive as
long as you are in the entry area, so don't forget to
enter the entry area again afterwards)
(make sure to save before the next step (open the door))

- Larissa's arrival starts with a doorbellsound
(if you play without sound, Dayna and MC will comment about it)


- Interact with the entry area door
-- followed by storycontent --
- Interact with the cabinet door, next to the dish rack
- Go to living room
- Larissa will mention that the evening finally could start
- Interact with the couch
-- followed by storycontent --

(with 0.4 there is a new mechanic integrated,
which 'sometimes' forces you, to react within a specific frame of time.
If you select a 'correct' choice, you are able to unlock additional scenes
or additional interact images / parts of a story
NPCs will remember your choice later on)
--> this is NOT a multiple ending feature, it's just an 'on top & thank you'
for players, who are NOT clickbashing through storyparts

--> getting rewarded for being attentive!!

- You could choose between 'four different' topics,
or don't ask Larissa anything, if you choose 'nothing'

(You attention is still on 100%, so I bet, you already choose: )

- [3] Mom
-- followed by (additional) storycontent --

(if not, load the save game you create how
I recommended earlier, keep 'keyboard W'
pressed, until you could choose again..)

- After Larissa says "good bye"
- Interact with the area, below the both windows, over the open garage
(only if "[3] Mom" was your choice before)
- Use the exit "to Larissa's garden (backside)
- Interact with the wooden lattice
- Climb up the lattice
- Visit "Violet's Rise Bar"
- Interact with the girl behind the bar (Caroline)
- Sit down on the stool (blinking green)
- Interact again with Caroline
- Choose "Order card"

- Interact with caroline
(with the help of the speechbubble top right corner)
"What can I do with this catalog?"
- Let Caroline know what your choice is
(more girls will come with further versions)
- Leave stool
- Enter second floor

-- followed by storycontent --
(choose "drink" to continue)

(Day 1 ends)
(Day 2 starts)

- Day 2 starts in Joanne's garden
-- followed by storycontent --
(This is just the introduction for
both characters, Joanne & her daughter Floria)

(alpha 0.5)

- Enter Rebecca's entrance area
- Enter her Garage (before doing/going anything/anywhere else)
- Interact with Rebecca's house door (after garage)
- Go home
-- followed by storycontent --
- Enter entry area
-- followed by storycontent --
- Enter shed
- Visit Rebecca
- Enter Rebecca's garden
-- followed by storycontent --

- Visit police
- Talk to Officer Jones
- Start the interview
- Go home
- Enter Dayna's bedroom
-- followed by storycontent --

(Day 2 ends)
-- followed by additional storycontent --
(ONLY if asked about mom)

(Day 3 starts)

- Enter kitchen (home)
-- followed by storycontent --

- Enter upstairs (home)
- Interact with Open bathroom door
- Go to Dayna's bedroom
- Pick up Larissa's bag
- Leave Dayna's bedroom
- Interact again with open bathroom door
-- followed by storycontent --
(ONLY if asked about mom)

If you haven't until now:
- Go into MC's room / desktop
- Drag and drop the camera from the
inventory on to the tablet
- Installation mini game
- Start the installed CCA application on the tablet

(alpha 0.6)

- Enter Police
- Talk to Danilo (multiple)
- Talk to Officer Jones (about weird dude)
- Talk to Danilo (everything possible)

(after danilo invited and hires you)
Talk to Officer Jones (visit Ms Mrick)
-- followed by storycontent --
- Ask Officer Jones about Ms Mricks keys
- Visit Bank (cutscene)
- Solve door lock puzzle
- Enter Ms Mricks office
- Enter the desk
- Interact with the middle drawer right side
- Grab the documents

- (optional) find the additional puzzle within
the desk screen and solve it, to
find the hidden scene for Ms Mrick

- Leave Desk
- Open inventory
- Drag and drop the "office key" on to "Keys (home)"
(only if you didn't find the optional mentioned above)
- Visit Police
- Talk to Officer Jones
- Submit documents
- Ask Jones the additional option about the ranch
(required to continue)
Visit Joanne (ring door)
-- followed by storycontent --
- participate or not
Visit Juliet (ring door)
-- followed by storycontent --
- Use the "northside bus station to travel to the eastside
- Visit Ranch
- Interact with "Woman" (Nancy)
-- followed by storycontent --
- Enter Clubhouse (building on the right at the ranch)
- Interact with the "changeroom door"
- Enter the changeroom
-- followed by storycontent --
- Talk to Nancy outside again (if you like)
- Use the bus station to travel back to the northside
- Visit Danilo's boat
- Drag and drop the backpack from Inventory at Danilo
- Little "thinking mini game" via dialog
- Convince Danilo "unfriendly" or "devious" (as you like)
-- followed by storycontent --
- participate or not
- Visit Rebecca (ring door)
- Enter her garage
- Pick up the flashlight
(required to unlock Ranch & Forest house at night)
- Visit Danilo's boat (ring door)
-- followed by storycontent --
go home and sleep
(or solve the hidden puzzle to unlock
the hidden scene with Larissa before)

- After "good night"
- Interact with MC's door ;-) Thx <3