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Random door events

While playing the game, it is possible to visit every
location, no matter if the location is currently
required or even known.
(note: not every location is visitable due to development
progress, even if several locations are already shown)

This feature is open world intended and none of
those events will effect the main game in particular.

It's just a gimmick for players who love to explore
besides the liniar game itself.

Locations with Door events (state: alpha 0.6):

- Rebecca
- Larissa
- Violet's Rise Bar
- Joanne
- Danilo's boat
- Juliet / Miriam
- Violet
- Forest house


Fuck, that's annoying!
I don't want to miss the events!
But how do I know when and where?

have a complete list accessible
on Discord, for every single event.