- more than just a game -

Little hidden spots

After Rebecca's husband has his accident, he has not been the same as before.
Since then, it is clear for sure, that he won't enter the garage again, for any reason.
Rebecca has a little secret there now, that she hides inside the garage,
behind the room divider.
She does not use it often, but when she needs it, it is long and intense.

- Quest is available since alpha 0.4
- Quest accessibility was adjusted with alpha 0.6

- Quest before: "Return her remote control" or the garage key

- Day 2 and later
- Rebecca's house, garage


  • Day 2:

- Before doing anything on the screen, enter the garage

  • Day 3:

- Ring Rebecca's door bell, she'll hand you a key for the garage
- Enter the garage and go behind the room divider



to be continued..