- more than just a game -

- Sitho Entertainment -
developing an animated point & click adventure for adults.
Within a self created game world, handmade animations and believable storys.
Everything is done in Blender, Daz3D & VisionaireStudio5

A ghostly desire goes Ren'py!
as a supporter you can download
the updated builds and testplay it!

as soon as the engine swap is done,
it will be released with alpha 0.7 as a new version
free to play like regular for everyone again

current swap updates:

- 24Apr23 AGD 0.6.3.a14.b07 (basic world + interactions)
- 08May23 AGD 0.6.3.a14.b10.c5 (basic day 0)

Development Progress ALPHA 0.7

- A Ghostly Desire -

As a player, you take on the role of Marc
and enter his life, in the moment, he returns
from a three month journey.


download alpha 0.6

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development on

- Behind the scenes -

How the game screens are created
How the interaction images are done