- more than just a game -

Marc Soriano (main character)

He grows up, with his mom Dayna and his dad, in main characters home.
The older he became, he really likes, to watch people, with his binoculars,
from his window.
He liked the secretive and that the observed person doesn't know about
being watched.

After his dad left the family, he retires more and more and searched
for peace in observing others.

After he moved out, working at his daily job, he began to get bored.
He lived several years in his apartment, in the southside of Borket.
He want to change something, want to do something adventurous.

More and more often he thought, it would be nice, to go on a journey
for several month, to clear his mind, from everyday life...

He quit his job and his apartment.
Placed everything he still had, in his mother's
house and started his journey..

Three month after this journey, he returns home...

Friendly, supportive and interested.
Often too trusting and influencable.
..and always with a ghostly desire in mind!